Company Profile

Tianjin Standard Steel Co., Ltd. is a world leader in iron and steel .With a history tracing back to the very beginning of steel , you can count on us to help you improve the performance of your operation -whatever your industry and wherever in the world you may be .

Standard steel  is a professional supplier and processor of  steel products with reputation for superior quality and advanced service . Our a world leader in stainless steel , alloy steel ,our products come in coil , sheet and plate .as well as precision strip , tube ,rod coil ,bar and more . Thess steel types are produced by our mills in variety grades , dimensions and surface finishes .All our products meet the strictest standards with respect to material and surface properties  . Key products have entered into key fields and new industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, container, railway, automobile, urban light rail transit, large power stations.

We are a friendly bridge between mills and end users , we have built partnership with domestic big steel mills , such as TISCO , BAOSTEEL, ZPSS. Meanwhile , increasing strengthen relationship with strategic partner and get collaborative development with them.

We pursues the concept of " Client First,Quality First,Service First , Reputation First ". Clients should not have concern with our complete openness to our product features and delivery service , We have been striving for years to minimize client's concern ,therefore has built a good word-of-mouth in reputation. We accept orders according to customers' requirement as well as processing on given materials.If you are interested in learning more details about our products and relevant products , please contact us. We will spare no effort in endeavoring to be service to you .